Making good design work for you

For the vast majority, the web is a visual experience and your site needs to appeal to your target audience very quickly, as well as conveying the professionalism and qualities of your business.

Make sure your website has a strong focal point and don't over complicate it with too much information too early. Instead, break down information into shorter sections and make it easy for the viewer to navigate your site to find out more.

Remember, good web design goes beyond the basic layout of the site and includes interactive components such as buttons, product viewers and animations. The web provides a great opportunity to present information and products in a unique way.

Good design in practice

Jaycopack is a supplier of packaging equipment to the food and beverages industry. With five categories of machinery and lots of technical information about each, they required a site that would allow visitors to easily navigate the site.

Colour Coded Site layout

We created a simple colour coding system to help identify the various categories. In addition, we used tabbed pages to allow visitors view small segments of information about each machine, but all on a single page.

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Working with you

Its important to understand how your customers will use your site, what will add value to their experience and most importantly, how the site can maximise the amount of new business for you. That's why we’re here to talk to you about what you want to achieve online.

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