We listen first

Creating a successful site involves understanding your business and customers to make the most of what the internet offers – creating an advantage over your competitors.

That’s why the first thing that we’ll do when we start a project is to listen. Here’s an outline of how we work:


Its important to understand how your customers will find your site, what will add value to their experience and most importantly, how the site can maximize the amount of new business for you. At this time we can also discuss how the site will be updated, the content and images. We will present a written proposal detailing the pages, functions, costs and expected timescales for the website design and development.


During this stage, we will design the structure of the site and the layout of individual pages. Taking into account any existing branding and design elements, we’ll produce visuals of key pages so that you can see how a visitor would progress through the site. Take a look at our portfolio to see our work.


Once the design has been approved, we can begin the actual development of website – transforming the static designs into interactive pages and content. Throughout this stage, the site will be made available to view on a private testing area of our server. The site is tested for cross browser compatibility to ensure its appearance is consistent across all of the various browsers your customers may be using before being launched.

Continued Support

One of the advantages of a website is the ability to change and update information. With Monkeyweb, you’ll have the reassurance that the people that built your website will still be around to develop and expand it in the future.

In addition to our website design services, we offer a host of supporting services including email marketing, graphic design, banner ad production and presentations.

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